Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Energy Suckers

Being rubbed off the wrong way on a daily basis is not the best of situations. You come across bright, intelligent people allowing themselves to be demeaned all the time. Being subject to insensitivity and deprecation may soon start to touch one with the self-same dark negativity. Drained of all emotional energy the mind stops smiling.

Negative behavior is a learned attribute and starts reflecting when one is subject to it. Just as positive people rub off their affirmative energy so do negative people alter your psyche if you are not too careful. They are the kinds who can drill you down with their trickery and antagonism. More often than not they are your own kith and kin! 

There are layers and layers to the personality of seemingly normal people indulging in such offensive interactions. Coming across superficially as nice people to others, they reserve their insidious tactics to attempt to bring you down. Never realizing that you may be too strong for them. Of course this kind of envious breed may eventually prove to be destructive and hard to deal with.

Also, they can have an extremely negative effect on your thinking and behavior. They actually cause such intense stress that life appears out of sync. Such situations can last a lifetime if you do not gain the awareness that you need to mend the situation. And worse, such psychological victimization is often compounded by their attempts to make it appear to be the other parties fault. It’s not! Find your own spaces – internally and spatially.

Ensuing feelings often cause misery and disgust. The energy suckers of course do not see anything wrong.  For them it simply means you're wrong and they are right. Often such people do not respect other people's boundaries. It then becomes essential to defend yourself from this type of person or the situation will get much worse with you being harmed even more. And bear this out – they tend to show different sides of their behavior to different people.

Yes, such people are deceptive and manipulative all the time. A characteristic trait they have is that they tend to project their own wrong doings on to someone else. They create a wall between other people as well. Coping mechanisms are therefore essential to be able to develop survival skills as you may be constantly subject to more harassment.

It's a powerful moment when your perspective suddenly changes and you realize just how you have been cheated. You were actually manipulated and conned by such people. You do need to learn to take effective action for your own well being and sanity. Your own native intelligence will come up with plentiful tips to help you deal with them. But impacting them upfront is the best way forward.