Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Morning Mantra

It's a kicky kind of thing to listen to early morning walkers, catching snippets of conversation as you stride past them. Some walk in twos and some even in groups - guffawing raucously impervious to the bird sounds and the ethereal atmosphere. I for one walk alone - I change pace ever so often. And this is truly mine own time. Just love the lonely roads at this hour as you walk past people intent on redefining their sense of self worth.

One day it could be the GPO road , another time the road down Ladies Club - yet sometimes the uppsy-down Mount Road. I do change routes ever so often. Not for me the regular same old well-trodden paths. These are the roads of my childhood - walking, cycling about the high court circuits lush with tamarind and berry bushes and other foliage, that's all disappeared.. Yet there is good enough greenery here attracting morning walkers from all parts of my town. I am comfortable doing the rounds all over the place and even now I surprise my self with random routes that have me coming upfront with all kinds of people.

The pious bearded seventy plus man in his long gray shirt has been a constant for many years and whenever we cross paths he has started to nod now, as he goes by. Another aging elderly woman is now on smiling terms whenever we happen to chance on each other. There are few who carry religious music on their mobiles that perhaps helps them on. Fat young girls look the other way as if ashamed of doing what they are doing. Then there are those who are oh-so properly attired with the right accouterments as if on a mission. Well I'm on a mission too. I am planning a trek around the Mansarovar Lake in Tibet next year. And so I tread on.

It's the twosomes that are interesting by far. A mother and daughter duo walking on silently. A husband wife team  discussing banalities early in the morning. Two balding friends engaged in what else - political gambits.. But these two teenage boys had me smiling this morning as I heard one of them say "Racket change karne se game nahin change ho jata" meaning the game does not change if you change your racket. Whatever that meant, their serious disposition coupled with this early morning mantra got me grinning.

I could almost pitch this as some kind of a philosophy. Perhaps they were badminton or tennis fans and had watched a game the previous night. Its such bits of exchanges that have me contentedly thinking all's right with the world. They think therefore they are. As I walk on past Freemason's Hall, Japanese Garden at the foot of Seminary Hills or along the wondrously smooth clean road down the Chief Minister's bunglaw -- it all comes clear. Yes the game doesn't change even if you change the racket.  


  1. Loved your blog...reminded me of the many many walks i used to take with my dad at Lodhi Garden and Buddha Jayanti park. On some days i would chatter non stop and not allow him to get even a word in, on others he would teach me mental math or physics or the Hunuman Chalisa. Then there were days when we would just sit silently on the benches facing the tiny lake, feeding the ducks....when suddenly we would overhear a random passerby say something we both found funny...daddy would quirk an eyebrow and a smile would twitch at my lips...we could barely wait for the person to get out of earshot before we shouted out laughing!

  2. O Shruti -- what a wonderful thing memory is -- good memories at that. You had the blessings to be raised by the most wonderful father any one could ever have had. Hang in there baby -- He is still watching over you and guiding you along... and proud of your achievements - as always.

  3. Hi ladies, how wonderful to read that you, Shruti, have the same gifts in writing as you, Sunita! Thank you both for your beautiful words. It really took away the feeling of life being so trivial that i had this morning.

    I also have walking memories with my father. Usually we would be quiet, and feeling so comfortable doing that together, unlike other family members if they happened to join us. And on rare occasions we would discuss politics, philosophy, or architecture. Or rather, I would listen, as he would talk about those things in life that interested him. And so I learned to find these topics interesting too, and I continue to do so till today..

    Merry Christmas and all the best for you both!

  4. Thank You Ingrid. Bless You -- You have warmed the cockles of my heart - this Christmas Eve :)Please see the movie -- Eat Pray Love - it reminded me of you soooooo much. Wishing you will find 'your word'. And this you will understand if you have seen the movie...if not - SEE IT!

  5. :) I have both read the book and seen the movie, and it has a happy ending, so i'm happy it reminded you of me! I'll think about my word.. What is yours?