Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Leaves are FALLing

It’s that off-beat time of the year when you are neither here nor there. Right out of summers shadow the autumnal atmosphere forebodes the onset of winters ahead. But for now the sun shines even though right under the orbs glare the air is nippy with a nice bite that has you reaching out for the woollies.  

The rustling leaves all around draw your attention as they gladly disrupt the quietude of the afternoons that all too soon will languish into frosty hazes. Once in a while the gray chilling skies cast their foreboding shadows and the heart freezes with the thought of winter blues. But for now crumbling leaves everywhere cover the ground in a maze of reds and browns.

The trees are changing hues. See a yellow there, a brown here or a red too. Soon they will flare up in unison in a riot of shades from limey green, yellow, ochre, orange, red to brown. This annual high drama has your senses reeling and I for one await it with trepidation. I say trepidation because following nature’s bizarre performance the scene will be pretty desolate.

Soon enough the foliage will be bleak and scary. Leafless limbs of dark shadowy trees in austere climes will cast a spooky effect on the landscape. With Halloween round the corner it will be time for ghoulish games to begin. Already pumpkin lantern faces stare menacingly from windows. Stiff autumn bouquets in brighter hues offer solace. Fall leaves continue to be perfect motifs for this wacky season. 

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