Friday, 19 October 2012

Time Warped Dreams

It happens very rarely to me. Waking up at unearthly early morning hours. This dawn had a calming hush despite the hum of usually inaudible rumblings of gadgetry reverberating with their distinct resonance. Yet I lay enveloped in a warm kind of lull around me. A faint footfall upstairs or rustling out the window informed me of morning creatures up and about.

What really woke me up was this dream of wandering around the huge inner courtyard of my grandfather’s house that has long since been pulled down. I could see the white columns; the smooth  steps on two sides leading up to covered verandahs as also brick-lined pathways on the sides. Through the tall grill doorway I was seeing the checkered floor of the gallery beyond.

The square green courtyard with the tulsi planter at the center and the clothes line to one side. I could almost smell the cow-pen too! The three mango trees at the far end stood tall as did the baelkathal and amla. The grape vines clung on to terrace walls atop. Walking towards the sizable pooja room I saw people chanting an aarti.

Joining in with the group of whom I only recognize my father, I simply stared ahead at the white, floor-to-ceiling carved niches where familiar deities stood in their usual spots on the wider middle alcove. The side recesses held Godly pictures along with copies of brown hard-back scriptures and even a bunch of Kalyan magazines!

It appears as if I have been in a time warp. As if a sliver of a childhood just flashed back to flood my memories awash.  I woke instantly and lay awake wrapped in the backtracking of the mind in sleep. I smile as this flashback trance allowed me to live in a time gone by. The best thing was I was revisiting a real past that is but a remembrance now. Oddly this was a fun dream that had me quizzing myself – why do we have to live so many worlds altogether.   

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